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No idea what I’m doing.
Also no name for this species yet. They were meant to be something like dog-deers, but seems like I made them more draconic. Fore-legs are more flexible, able to switch from 4 legs sprinting to handling objects relatively well like humans.
… Brainstorming? Maybe. For a story that popped in my head, by a dream.

Like, it’s in the future. Where an alien species has landed and they live together with humans, sharing cultures and technology. But these aliens create something called “black fog”, and it envelops areas where the aliens live. Areas like these are called “Black Zones”, where humans will have to wear protective gear when entering these areas for research. Aliens are not affected, in fact, they thrive in the fog. But it creates mutation problems and always kill the affected.
Infected last between 6 months to a year max, until organ failure happens. Between that time, stuff like… Skin and bones mutate, affecting about only 30-50% of the body. Specific painkillers were developed to ease the pain and slow the progress, in hopes that they find a cure for it.

Story-wise, we’re just focusing on a depressed guy who’s been infected, living alone in an old bunker, far in the freezing North and close to a Zone. Lasting the last two months until his expected one year span. He finds an alien child when he was in the middle of hunting. He ends up deciding to take her in, care for her and name her Els/Elsie.

/stupid at summaries sorry
/and rambling
Overlay commission for Phoenix on Verpets.com

Last thing I did before my computer died on me.
Also lost the PSD for this, so… I’m still beating myself up for that.
On the brighter side, I’m gonna take pride in making paws look like actual paws.

Probably won’t have any other art in a while. I’m sorry.

Art by Me.Element belongs to Phoenix.
Vulkits belong to Verpets.com
like a ghost, regal - on FA
Trade half with Zenuel. c:
He gave me my copy of Starbound~

Photoshop CS6, forgot how long i took.
Pretty much a revamp for one of my old overlays.
Mardeki got a tad bit buffer, compared to his old image.

Art + Mardeki are Mine.
Izrets belong to Verpets.com
Background Image from http://vintagebackgrounds.tumblr.com/
Owed prize-artwork for wolvengrl. c:
Someone else won a contest I ran a few years back, but I got slammed with ‘no motivation’ and… Yeeeah. Just left the IOU bill there.
They decided to give their prize to a friend.

We kept it as a surprise. Because I knew which pet she wanted done. xD

Vulpine belongs to wolvengrl
Rascallets belong to Verpets.com
Background from http://vintagebackgrounds.tumblr.com/
Yep. Everyone’s doing it. Why not.I was pretty surprised I actually had something done every month.Thanks for the fantastic year!
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BG Credit - http://vintagebackgrounds.tumblr.com/
Been a while since I posted something here.
This is something I’m messing around with.