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Do you know how irritating it is to symmerty?I’m doing it anyway.
Haven’t posted anything here in a while. But-
Here’s a peek at my FR imperial, Scarborough.

This canvas is too big for me. Like 7620 x 7620px.
Then again, I told myself to try drawing on a hugeass canvas. >_>
Sketch of an adoptable base I plan to work on.
Back on Gryffs, by the way. /snerk
3am sketchmess of my old friend.
How old?

Liracus is literally THE first character I’ve ever drawn. Period.
Too bad I don’t have any of my old sketchbooks from about 2002. (unless my mom actually kept all my sketchbooks.)
I would have gotten a lovely comparsion of how much I’ve improved.

My prompt was Deep Sea + Bumblebee.I spent more time looking for deep sea fish and bumblebees as reference than anything else. I doubt it passes, but I was thinking of a shrimp. @majorkainmarching / @birdsandpaper